Hi there, My name is Gary O’Brien and I started Hits Memorabilia. Hits is a small business running out of Syracuse, New York. We have been manufacturing and selling authentic memorabilia products since 2011. Our current focus is creating professional quality made-to-order custom trading cards.

I started hand making my own trading cards as a child back in 1993. Inspired by the awesome inserts coming out in the 90’s, I kept drawing and creating more every year. I named my imaginary company “Hits”, sometimes “Hitz” with a Z, because that was obviously cool in the 90’s. As a child I couldn’t afford many of the amazing inserts like the 1993 Topps Refractors that I was in awe at in the magazines. So I had fun making my own foil, acetate, and die cut cards.

In the late 2000’s I started trying to make my own memorabilia cards as a hobby, eventually making a few full sets of cards of friends that I had met on Youtube. After a handful of those sets were made, my processes and quality greatly improved. I really enjoyed what I was doing, so in 2011 I decided to buy a few machines, and real game-worn jerseys, and try to see if I could make Hits a real company.

I really focused on the authentic side of the product. At the time in the trading card hobby world there was a lot of doubt about the memorabilia being inserted into cards. The major companies were not transparent about their items; people were altering memorabilia cards on the secondary market by inserting fake patches. Our main goal was to not let this happen with our products, so we made a photographic hologram database of all of our cards, and put all of the corresponding memorabilia and documentation right on our site for everyone to see.

The company gained a dedicated following and I brought on one of my best friends to partner with me. Over the next 8 years we made and sold thousands of cards. At our most popular our products would sell out within a few minutes of going live and there were times we simply couldn’t keep up with demand. We had ups and downs and many long hours and marathon nights, but it was a great time.
In mid-2019 a few compounding financial factors ultimately led to the decision for us to pivot to a different business model.  A few different ideas were proposed, then started- but the pandemic and other unforeseen issues arose, causing us to stop production for all of 2020 and 2021.
In late 2021 and into 2022 I spent months refining all of our processes and purchasing and upgrading to new machines and materials. I learned as much as I could, and spent countless hours of trial and error to be able to deliver an even better product than we put out before. The best part is that the focus of the products this time around are mainly about you and your loved ones! While we will continue to make some direct sales singles, and small run sealed products, we are focused right now on making awesome fun custom cards!
No matter how or when you found us, I am glad you are here. I look forward to creating an item you can enjoy forever- Gary