What are holographic foil cards?

Holographic foil cards are standard 3.5" x 2.5" trading cards which are printed over a variety of special foils which refract the light spectrum. In other words they are shiny colorful cards. Some of the foils we offer don't actually refract the light, but create other unique effects that traditional trading cards do not usually offer.

What are memorabilia cards?

Memorabilia cards are thick 2.5"x 3.5" trading cards that contain a a piece of memorabilia inside of them. They are also called patch, jersey, or relic cards. Most of the time the material in the card is something used by the person on the card, like a game-worn jersey piece. 

What are base cards?

Base cards are standard 2.5" x 3.5" trading cards printed on standard paper card stock. Ours are roughly 16pt thick, and have a UV protective coating applied to them.

What do I need to do to order a custom card?

The process is simple and requires no special design skills. First browse our designs and find one that you like. Then on that design's product page fill out the information that it asks for in the custom options. You will need to upload a picture, put in the person's name and so on. Once finished click "add to cart". Once paid for, we get an email with your information and get started editing the picture and creating your custom card. If you ordered a memorabilia card,  you then send us a few small memorabilia pieces to put in your card, and once we receive it, we finish your card and get it shipped out to you.

If I order a memorabilia card, do I have to send memorabilia?

You don't HAVE to. For a small add-on fee we can put patch and logo pieces in a card for you. We think adding your own real memorabilia will make the card so much more special though.

What type of memorabilia should I send?

Memorabilia that works best is thinner multi-colored fabric that is around 1/8th of an inch or thinner. Anything thicker than that is not compatible with our production process and can not be used.

Some of the best things to send: T-Shirt material, jersey material including sewn on patches and logos, Tags also work very well and can be removed while keeping the items intact. You can remove them from cleats, pants, hats, shirts and more.

You do not need to send full jerseys, full shirts or hats; just small pieces will do. Our recommended sizes to send are listed under each card's description. Usually a few 2"x2" pieces of memorabilia per card will work. 

What should I sign my cards with?

We strongly recommend signing your cards with a brand new, blue or black, Sharpie brand permanent marker. If you have a short or simple autograph we suggest using the fine tip Sharpie. If you have a longer, more complex signature, we suggest going with the ultra fine Sharpie.

How long does it take to get my card made?

We usually start making your card within one business day of your order.

If you are not sending memorabilia, your items will usually ship within 3 business days of your order.

If you are sending memorabilia, your cards will usually ship out within 2 business days of when we receive your pieces and make the final assembly, pressing, and cutting of your order.

These times may be longer if placing an order of 5 or more cards.

How thick are the cards? What cases do I need?

Most of the time our memorabilia cards come in 2 different thicknesses and will usually fit in either 100pt or 180pt cases, depending on the thickness of the materials used in them. Each card comes in a soft sleeve and toploader at no cost to you, but can be sent in a magnetic case for an additional fee. (Dependent upon inventory) 

Our non-memorabilia cards should fit in 35pt or 55pt toploaders and magnetics.

Can you make me a card of a famous person? Like Snoop Dogg, or Cosmo Kramer?

Sorry, but for legal reasons, unless you have direct permission from the person, we can not make and sell a card of them. We would love to make and sell sweet cards using images of these guys, but rules are rules. "And let's face it, without rules, there's chaos."- Cosmo Kramer

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